Community Water Suppliers

Our initial focus has been on community water suppliers in British Columbia. These water systems include Water Users Communities, Improvement Districts, regulated Private Utilities, and other unregulated private systems. In general, these systems have fewer customers and connections than the water systems owned by municipalities and regional districts.

SIS fulfills its mission in a way that benefits many segments of the BC water industry. We work cooperatively with water supply associations, community water suppliers, manufacturers and providers of product and service, consultants, and regulators. In fulfilling our mission we use innovative approaches, certain of which are developed in consultation with industry and government. Our programs provide convenient and affordable access for community water suppliers to a range of products and services. Our work leads to greater consistency in the use of technology and resources; it helps broaden the market for products and services in away that leads to economies of scale.

There are several associations representing the interests of community water suppliers in British Columbia. The water supply associations are in close contact with their members, many of whom are operators of water supply organizations and are very much aware of the need for innovative technology and resources. SIS has a Board of Advisors made up of representatives from the key BC water supply associations.