Liability Insurance Protection

This part of the program enables you to access General Liability Insurance for your water system.

About Liability Insurance

If you own or operate a water system, liability insurance can protect you from the consequence of certain rare and potentially devastating accidents. All water supply systems should have liability insurance coverage in place. It provides protection against loss arising from claims made against your system. If you are found legally liable for property damage or bodily injury, liability insurance will respond.

How to Obtain Liability Insurance

Follow these steps :

  1. If you are already a Registered User, go to Program Applications & Enquiries and click on the Liability Insurance Application Form.
  2. To become a Registered User go to Become a Registered User and complete the application. You then complete your Water System Profile: do this by logging into your Registered User account and clicking on the Add Water System link.
  3. Once you have registered your water supply system, click the link for the Liability Insurance application form. The form collects information about your system for review by a Industry Partner.


The liability insurance program offers affordable premiums, and rewards those who have well-run systems through further premium discounts. The program has coverage for failure to supply, health hazards and several other important events. It provides coverage on an occurrence basis, and coverage is extended to you as soon as the application is "bound" by the broker. Benefits including the following:

  • Group Buying power allows premiums as low as $1,500
  • Standard coverage provides a high limit of $5,000,000.00 (Higher limits are available upon request.)
  • Coverage is Occurrence Based , not the more restrictive Claims Made
  • Your product (water) is covered
  • No Failure to Supply exclusion
  • No Health Hazards exclusion
  • Broad form Fire Fighting coverage
  • Limited Pollution Coverage
  • Volunteers are covered
  • Simple and fast online application

Costs and Administration

You pay an annual premium for liability insurance coverage. The amount of the premium depends on the particular circumstances of the water system. You should complete an online application in order to apply for the insurance. Once you complete the application, the online system will automatically forward a copy of your application to an experienced Industry Partner insurance agent. Upon receipt of your completed applications the insurance agent will contact you to review the application and quote your premium. It is a good idea to ensure that other planning activities are carried out which may help reduce your exposure to liability and help control your insurance costs.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us.

Industry Partners

The following Industry Partners provide the Group Liability Insurance. You will be contacted by one or the other depending on your location in the province.

Aon Reed Stenhouse John Pham CAIB | Account Executive
Aon Risk Solutions | Commercial Business Unit
1803 Douglas Street, 6th Floor
Victoria, British Columbia V8T 5C3 Canada
Phone: +1.250-413-2240
Cell: +1.778-980-6988
Fax: +1.250-388-5164
Aon Reed Stenhouse Busie N Mayzes CIP, CAIB | Account Executive
Aon Risk Solutions | Commercial Business Unit
1803 Douglas Street, 6th Floor
Victoria, British Columbia V8T 5C3 Canada
Phone: +1.250-413-2235
Cell: +1.250-886-1956
Fax: +1.250-388-5164
Capri Insurance Wayne Fiddler
Capri Insurance Services Ltd.
396 Ellis Street
Penticton, British Columbia V2A 4L7 Canada
Phone: +1.250-492-5821
Fax: +1.250-492-6115



This page contains general information only and is intended to provide an overview of the insurance coverage. This information is not intended to constitute legal or other professional advice. Please consult our Industry Partners for more information.