Introduction to Networked Monitoring & Management Support (NeMMS)

NeMMS helps you to affordably monitor the operation of your water system and to access several management support services.

The larger municipal water supply systems in BC will often monitor operational parameters such as flow rate and pressure using software installed on their own in-house computer system. This software is typically associated with SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) technology. However the typical SCADA software system can be complicated and expensive to install, configure and operate. This makes it difficult for smaller community water systems to use this technology. We help community water systems to overcome this difficulty. We provide the hardware and software required. They are easy to set up and inexpensive to operate.

To manage your water system properly you not only need to monitor its operation, you should also have access to a wide range of technical, administrative and financial information and resources. To help you, is creating a growing range of management support services. These include for, example, tools for "benchmarking" operations, and resources for asset management.

Our networked monitoring services will be integrated with the management support services to maximize effectiveness. Together these services are known as NeMMS, for Networked Monitoring & Management Support. The NeMMS service is delivered through There are important advantages to your water system in using this service. It is easy to start and very affordable to use. Because the service is used by a growing number of community water systems we can bring you important economies of scale that are not available to individual water systems who do things on their own. All information about your system is kept confidential.

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