About Registered Users

Welcome to the Registered User section of the web site of WaterBC.ca. Our Registered Users include individuals with water supply organizations, government agencies, private sector companies and industry associations. Become a Registered User and enter your Water System Profile if you have one by clicking on the menu items under the top tab: Registered Users

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To make updates to your User Name and Password, your Registered User Profile or your Water System Profile, follow these links:

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Apply for a Program

To apply for a program, such as Liability Insurance, on behalf of your water system please follow the steps shown below. You cannot create a Water System Profile without first becoming a Registered User; and you cannot make a program application or enquiry without first creating your Water System Profile.  These steps can also be easily accessed using the drop down menu in the Registered Users tab at the top of the page.

Step 1: Become a Registered User

Step 2: Create Water System Profile

Step 3: Complete the appropriate Program Applications & Enquiries form

More About Registered Users

As a Registered User you can access WaterBC.ca programs and resources. Our programs provide convenient and affordable access to resources such as liability insurance. You can also subscribe to the WaterBC.ca electronic Newsletter which keeps you informed of new programs and resources. 

If you are not already a Registered User you can register online now by completing: Become a Registered User  We are always pleased to hear from our Registered Users. If you have suggestions about new and improved programs and resources please: Contact SIS