Introduction to Programs

Our programs provide direct access to a range of services and products which are important to community water suppliers.

The Sustainable Infrastructure Society offers web-based programs to assist community water suppliers. This web site provides convenient access to these programs for our Registered Users. Each program is focused on a specific topic, for example liability insurance or water treatment. Our Industry Partners deliver the products and services associated with each program. The programs are grouped together under the headings shown below. Follow the links to learn more. To apply for a program first read the section below. The programs currently available are:

Liability Insurance Program
Contractors Insurance Program
Boiler and Machinery Insurance Program
Directors & Officers Insurance Program
Property Insurance Program
Point of Entry (POE) Water Treatment

To Apply for a Program

To apply for a program, such as Liability Insurance, on behalf of your water system please follow the steps shown below. To make the process as efficient as possible, we ask you to first become a Registered User and then to create your Water System Profile.

   Step 1: Become a Registered User

Step 2: Create Water System Profile

Step 3: Complete the appropriate Program Applications & Enquiries form.


Planning for your Water Supply System

You may wish to scan the section on Planning for Community Water Suppliers. Implementation over time of the  plans outlined will help you to manage your water system and will improve the effectiveness of the programs you utilize.