Access to Funding

This program helps community water suppliers to access several sources of funding to help pay for infrastructure renewal and upgrading.

About Access to Funding

There is a large and growing infrastructure deficit in Canada and British Columbia. Many organizations have not set aside sufficient funds over the years for renewal of expensive tangible assets like pipes and reservoirs. They are now faced with extensive replacement needs. In addition, more stringent health protection requirements mean that water systems are required to upgrade infrastructure and install expensive treatment processes. Many community organizations therefore need to access funds for the replacement and upgrading of infrastructure

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The Access to Funding Program (AFP) assists small and medium water organizations to access funding from several sources. It helps you to secure a loan, possibly obtain a grant, and to increase revenues through changes to water pricing. Find out more about how we can help you by clicking on these links:

Securing a Loan – certain water organizations may borrow at competitive rates from lending institutions

Obtaining a Grant – grants can help in the planning of infrastructure and in reviewing opportunities for conversion

Water Pricing - Setting the right price for your water, together with good customer communications, can lead to opportunities for revenue increases.

Before considering in detail the various sources of new funding it is important to prepare properly. For example, application to a lending institution or review of your water pricing should be preceded by an initial assessment of your financial circumstances. This could include review of long-term asset renewal requirements, the history of reserve fund management, level and fairness of existing water rates and charges, growth in the region, and initial consideration of water conservation and demand management. You will find assistance with many of these topics on this WaterBC.Ca web site.

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