Point-Of-Entry Water Treatment

Here you can find out how to plan, install and operate Point-of-Entry (POE) water treatment for your community.

Point of Entry (POE): A Point of Entry water treatment device is one which is located at the point where the water supply enters the premises and treats all water entering the premises to a potable standard. A Point-of Entry system is different from a Point-of Use approach.

Benefit to Your Water System

POE systems may offer benefits to certain kinds of small water systems. If you manage a water system, consider these questions:

  • Do you think that POE may be more affordable for your small system to own or to operate than a centralized treatment system?
  • Is a high percentage of the total water you supply used for irrigation or other non-domestic use?
  • Do many of your customers provide their own potable water supply, and use your system only for irrigation, fire fighting or other non-domestic purpose?
  • Are you are in a remote location where electricity is only produced on individual properties for personal use?
  • Do you have a chronic chemical contaminant in your source water, for example arsenic, that must be removed to make the water safe to drink?
  • Do you chlorinate your water system at a central location and wish to remove any chlorine content before the water enters homes?
  •  Do you believe you will obtain greater community support for water treatment if you investigate an alternative to chlorination?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, it is worthwhile for you to investigate use of a POE system further, to determine if this is suitable for you. Follow this link: Explore the Use of POE for your water system.