Obtaining a Grant

An Infrastructure Planning Grant can provide money to help community water supply systems to create plans and assess feasibility in connection with infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Planning Grant Program is operated by the BC Ministry of Community Development, Sport and Cultural Development. The program offers grants to support local government in projects related to the development of sustainable community infrastructure.  Grants up to $10,000 are available to help improve or develop long-term comprehensive plans that include, but are not limited to: capital asset management plans, community energy plans, integrated stormwater management plans, water master plans and liquid waste management plans.  Grants can be used for a range of activities related to assessing the technical, environmental and/or economic feasibility of municipal infrastructure projects.

The program provides 100% of the approved costs for approved project costs of $5,000 or less; and  50% of the approved costs for the next $10,000 or less. An eligible applicant is a local government, defined as a municipality or a regional district. Local governments can submit applications on behalf of improvement districts, registered utilities or other small water systems, and should include the letter of request from that organization. 

The Program supports a range of initiatives related to improving water, sewer, drainage and other environmental infrastructure. Eligible projects are those that promote sustainable infrastructure including, but not limited to: 


  • Liquid Waste Management Plans
  • Integrated Stormwater Management Plans
  • Community Energy Plans
  • Water Conservation Plans
  • Water Master Plans
  • Asset Management Plans


  • Infrastructure condition assessments
  • Economic evaluations of universal metering and conservation rate structures
  • Water audits and development of water demand management strategies
  • Low impact development technologies and green building design evaluations
  • Innovative pilot projects and capacity building programs
  • Wastewater reclamation and water reuse studies

 We may be able to improve your chances of securing an infrastructure planning grant. Send us an email to find out more: Funding@WaterBC.ca

You can learn more about the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program by following this link: IPGP Program Guide