Securing a Loan

This web page introduces the process a community water supply system may follow to secure a loan from a lending institution.  

 In order to renew and upgrade infrastructure, many water supply systems need to borrow money. However many lending institutions are not familiar with the operation of community water supply systems and may not therefore be willing to consider a loan application. We can help you to overcome challenges commonly faced by community water suppliers in arranging loans.


 Applying for a Loan

The Sustainable Infrastructure Society is arranging access to loans for water supply systems. Loans will be provided by a BC credit union. We are now in the pilot stages. The process to apply for a loan on behalf of your community water supply system is straightforward. To start, please contact us and describe briefly the project for which you may require a loan. We will be pleased to help.    

More Information

 The following links lead to more information about financial planning and resources. We recommend you look through them in the order shown.