Explore the Use of POE

Here you can explore the application of Point-of-Entry water treatment for your water supply system.

To explore the use of Point of Entry water treatment for your water system there are certain steps to follow, which are outlined below. To follow the links below you should be a Registered User and provide basic information about your water supply system. If you are already a Registered User then begin at Step 1 below. Otherwise follow this link: Become a Registered User

We have limited the description of each step to two or three paragraphs. As you read through this information you will appreciate the process involved in installing water treatment. The easiest and quickest way for you to make progress is to complete and submit the POE Questionnaire. Alternatively phone or email us. When we have information about your water system we can help guide you through the process.  


Steps to Follow to Investigate POE

Follow the links below to obtain more information about each step.


Step 1: Review Information Gather information about your water system; confirm need, review information about POE water treatment.
Step 2: Complete Questionnaire Complete the POE questionnaire; initial discussions with homeowners & your drinking water officer; confirm interest in POE.
Step 3: Review Water Source Review the safety & sufficiency of your water source; arrange for laboratory analysis
Step 4: Communicate with DWO Talk with your Drinking Water officer, share your plans, review regulations, gauge customer response.
Step 5: Assess Your System Assess the condition of your water system and identify any components that need attention or upgrading
Step 6: Estimate Costs of POE Provide information to suppliers and request budget quotations for supply & installation of POE
Step 7: Evaluate Water Pricing Work out the charges to be made to customers to recover the costs of POE
Step 8: involve Your Customers Communicate fully with customers so they understand the need & use of POE, costs, and the operation & maintenance needs.
Step 9: Design the POE System Undertake detailed design of the POE system, working with a consultant or supplier
Step 10: Invite Quotations Invite firm quotations for supply & installation of POE; review & award contract.
Step 11: Install POE System Install POE system; ensure local operator is trained, proceed through start-up and commissioning
Step 12: Operate & Maintain Operate & maintain the POE system, including monitoring, sampling, record keeping and maintenance