Development of SIS Programs

The Sustainable Infrastructure Society uses a 4-stage approach to develop new programs for Community Water Suppliers. During each stage we consult with various organizations including the SIS Board of Advisors, water supply systems, provincial government ministries, specialists, and Industry Partners. By involving all stakeholders in this systematic approach, we help ensure that the programs will meet the needs of the community water supply systems.


The success of our programs depends on the level of participation: the greater the number of water suppliers that join a program, the greater the chances of achieving economies of scale. These benefit all program participants. During the research stage, we take the time to assess the level of interest in a particular program. We contact dozens of community water suppliers to identify their specific needs and to explore with them how these needs can be met.


Once we have made a preliminary confirmation of the need for a program, we then begin discussions with industry suppliers who may be able to supply products or services to address the needs. We explore with suppliers how products or services can be tailored to meet the needs identified in the most affordable way. During this stage we may work with suppliers who can help us to further develop the program. These suppliers may subsequently become SIS Industry Partners and provide their products and services to community water suppliers under the terms of an Industry Partner agreement.


A complete SIS program requires many elements to be in place. These may include guidebooks, worksheets, online web applications, contract agreements, and other supporting material. As several organizations are involved in program delivery, we must also create efficient business processes to ensure streamlined operation. For example we use web based application forms. In some cases we first operate the program on a pilot scale, when participation may be limited to selected Registered Users. This allows us to fine tune the program details.


When all program elements are firmly in place we launch the program. The program is then open to all our SIS Registered Users. We undertake promotional activities to make sure all interested parties know about the program. We take the time to contact individual water suppliers to invite them to investigate the new program. During this process, we work with water suppliers to help them explore the potential benefits they may enjoy.