"Point of Entry" & "Point of Use" Treatment Procurement Program

Program Status

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About POE / POU

A Point of Entry / Point of Use (POE / POU) installation consists of various items of equipment, for example filters and disinfection units, which when assembled together treat the water to a desired standard. These devices are installed at the home or facility of the consumer. They are generally of interest to certain kinds of community water suppliers at the lower end of the size range, typically 10 to 100 connections. This WaterBC.ca POE / POU Program will assist you to plan for and procure a POE / POU water treatment system.


POE / POU may offer benefits to you if you operate a small water system and that water system has certain characteristics. For example, if a high percentage of the total water you supply is used for irrigation then you should investigate use of POE/ POU. If you have a chronic chemical contaminant such as arsenic in your source water, then POE / POU may be applicable. Effective water treatment using POE / POU or by other means will enable you to maintain safety of supply and help meet regulatory requirements.

Costs and Administration

You will incur capital costs for the design, purchase and installation of the POE / POU system. You will also incur continuing operating and maintenance costs, including monitoring and sampling expenditures. Administrative and customer communications activities will be required. You should contact your local drinking water officer concerning operating and construction permits.

How to Join the Program

Follow these steps to join the program:

  1. If you are already a Registered User, go to your MyWaterBC page and click on the Water Treatment Assessment Application Form.
  2. You first become a WaterBC.ca Registered User by completing the WaterBC.ca User Registration Form. This enables you to access the information documents listed below. You then complete your Water System Profile: do this by logging into your Registered User account and clicking on the Add Water System link
  3. Once you have registered your water supply system, click the link for the Water Treatment Assessment application form. The form collects information about your system for review by an WaterBC.ca Industry Partner.
  4. Complete the application form and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form.
  5. Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire the Industry Partner will contact you to discuss your system further.
  6. Subsequently you will receive a Budget Estimate which will give an order of magnitude indication of the costs for implementing a POE-POU solution.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us at WaterBC.ca directly by email or by phone.


The following resources provide more information about POE / POU. We recommend you look through them in the order shown.

  1. Find out if POE / POU may be appropriate for your water system.
  2. Items you should consider in planning a POE / POU installation.
  3. Detailed guidance for planning and procuring a POE / POU system.
  4. Worksheets to help plan your project and to obtain information from industry suppliers of POE / POU equipment.
  5. Other resources to help with POE / POU.

Industry Partners

The following WaterBC.ca Industry Partners provide products and services and can help you to plan and procure a POE /POU water treatment system.

Water Tiger Adam Scheuer
320 Mary Street
Victoria, British Columbia V9A 3V9 Canada
Phone: 250-383-4558 Fax: 250-383-6990